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SG Math - O Level and A Level Mathematics Specialist in Singapore


Uncertain about the mathematical rules and formulae?

Join our trial lesson and learn the useful strategies to tackle complex Mathematics questions effectively! 


The strong emphasis on understanding concepts is our underlying teaching philosophy. We drive students' interests, giving them scaffolded practices, and subsequently foster a stronger foundation for this challenging subject.

Strategized teaching methodology matters but quality study material is also crucial to enhance students' senses towards numbers. Specially curated materials and personalised notes will be provided to expedite the learning progress. And, you will also be given designed practices and exercises to apply the learned concepts in different scenarios. 

In addition, we will closely monitor your progress, thereby ensuring that you will undergo a highly effective Mathematics programme that will unleash your potential in scoring for this subject.


SG Math | Sec 3 and 4 Maths Tuition - Coming soon


Sec 3 and Sec 4

By joining our Math lessons, you will be encouraged to excel in the fundamentals by going through exercises and practices. We make sure that students are able to apply what they learnt regularly, developing a stronger number sense and an in-depth understanding of numerical relations.

SG Math | JC Maths A-level H1 and H2


JC1 and JC2

Extensive practices will be given to enhance students' ability to apply the rules and formulae to multiple diversified questions. JC students will be trained constantly to tackle past exam questions and get prepared for the challenges during A-level examination.

Most importantly, students could remember and utilize the knowledge at tertiary education in the future. 


Want to score for A-Level Math?
Look no further! Familiarise yourself with GCE A-Level Math questions format and types with this material!
✔️ Written based on the latest A-Level H2 /H1 syllabus (9758/8865) 
✔️ Questions with varied difficulty levels to guide learning at every step
Wide range of carefully-crafted, exam-styled questions for practice
✔️ Step-by step worked solutions to facilitate self revision and assessment
Our Publication will be coming to
island-wide Popular bookstores and
various online stores soon.
Look out for it!
Here's some sneak peeks...
JC Math book assessment 3.png
Tutor Profiles


Mr John Lee

Teaching Physics and Mathematics have been Mr John Lee’s passion for the past 18 years and he continues to derive immense satisfaction after each lesson when students leave the class with a better understanding and appreciation of each subject. He is a MOE and NIE-trained teacher who was awarded the MOE Postgraduate Scholarship. His stellar career achievements include attaining the Master of Education (Curriculum & Teaching), being appointed as a MOE Lead teacher and Senior teacher, and he was also commended by NIE for Outstanding Teacher Mentorship when he was a mentor to the junior teachers.

​Being the recipient of MOE's Outstanding Contribution Award is also a clear testament of Mr John's capability to give top-notch guidance to his students. He consistently instils value-added knowledge and has a track record of producing a high distinction rate for all his past students at GCE O Level Physics and Mathematics Examinations. 

On top of the above accomplishments, Mr John is also a National Level and School Level “Caring Teacher Award" recipient for numerous years. He firmly believes that "every student can learn and achieve success in their studies” and he knows that all students have the potential to attain their academic goals. 

To ensure every student is catching up with the lessons, Mr John would customize teaching strategies to suit diverse learners. He makes sure each student could get a thorough understanding of the Physics and Mathematics concepts and gradually build their confidence in solving challenging questions.

SG Physics SG Math Mr John Lee.JPG

His belief has driven his enthusiasm in teaching. He is not only a compassionate, motivational teacher with great qualities, he is also capable of engaging and inspiring students with different levels of abilities to excel in Physics and Mathematics. He helps students in academic as well as personal development, and he aims to bring the best out of each student. 


Mr Charles Ho

Mr Charles Ho was a PSC Teaching Scholarship holder and graduated from NUS with a Bachelor Degree majoring in Mathematics.  He subsequently attended Teacher Training course at NIE obtaining a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE, Mathematics) before teaching at renowned schools like Raffles Junior College. He also holds a Master of Business Administration from NUS.


Mr Charles Ho has more than 18 years of JC Mathematics tutoring experience. An avid fan of Mathematics, Mr Charles Ho has excelled in the subject since his early school days at Raffles Institution. He possesses a strong passion in teaching Mathematics and derives great satisfactions from guiding students to enjoy and do well in Mathematics.


On his teaching philosophy, Mr Charles Ho’s conviction is that being able to empathize with the learner cognitive process is most essential for effective teaching-learning collaboration. 


On JC H2 Mathematics, Mr Charles Ho believes:

(i)  improvement of few grades is readily conceivable & achievable, given the digital scoring nature of Mathematics subject

(ii)  rote learning is suboptimal for achieving good grades for JC H2 Mathematics


Mr Charles Ho advocates that a highly effective way for students to do well at H2 Mathematics is to guide students to enjoy (by understanding concepts) and build confidence (by practicing and being able to do various questions) for the subject. His dedicated efforts in teaching Mathematics has helped many borderline students improved and achieved A grade for the subject.

Mr Jayden Lee

Mr Jayden Lee was a former President Research Scholar at NTU and he taught in Raffles Junior College. He has over 17 years of teaching experience with a proven track record of helping more than 200 students improve their grades and secure their distinctions.  

Many students from RJC, HCI, CJC, UWC, SJI, ACSi, and NJC were all previously under Mr Jayden's guidance. He simplifies abstract concepts using close-to-the-heart examples, stories, derivations and analogies in order to enhance their understanding effectively. In addition, he uses conceptual visualisation to aid the students' understanding, improves their knowledge retention, and sharpens the students' intuition for Mathematics to handle non-routine or unorthodox problems.

Mr Jayden Lee utilizes a combination of quantitative and qualitative methodological approaches to prepare students for questions that require them to write mathematical explanations, arguments, proofs and inferences.

Other than the customized teaching methods, Mr Jayden Lee also provides differentiated teaching notes and assignments aimed at helping students understand, appreciate and become competent in the subject. His notes are specially compiled over the years and it will always include common mistakes made by past seniors, and special shortcuts and approaches to solve mathematical problems. His meticulous teaching approach produces above national average distinction rate for his classes every year. 

Mr Jayden Lee - A Level H1/H2 Mathematics Specialist


Positive reviews for Mr Jayden Lee
Positive reviews for Mr Jayden Lee
Positive reviews for Mr Jayden Lee

Thanks for being such a blessing to us, always watching out for us. Thanks for being one of the most dedicated teachers I ever had, sacrificing your weekends for us :) Thanks for being that angel sent down from heaven to save my Mathematics grades!

- Grace Ho

Happy Teachers' Day! Thank you very much for being really dedicated teacher! I really appreciate the extra miles you go to help us by preparing your own mindmaps, organising consultations for all of us and planning extra lessons for us. I really appreciate the effort you put in and I promise to do my best for Maths! 

- Advay

Thank you for being the best teacher in this school! You are the reason for my improvement in Mathematics!! Good luck Mr Lee! 

- Jing Yi

Dear Mr Lee, you've been such a caring & dedicated teacher and I am so thankful for that. I really appreciate all of the tuition sessions which you sacrificed your time for, just to help us on our Math journey. All the best for your future endeavours! :) 

- Sean

Thanks for being such a nice and amazing teacher! Your patience with us is truly amazing and your lessons are really engaging! 

- G.Sareendhar

Hi Mr Ho, really want to say THANK YOU so much for saving me in Math this year! You really help me understand all the concepts that I couldn't understand for the past 1.5 years! I really enjoy all your lessons as it is all quite entertaining and never once I felt like sleeping haha! Really sad that it's ending and I would definitely miss it! Wish you all the best and hope you continue helping more students!

- R. B.


5-star tuition in Singapore
5-star rating and positive review from past students
5-star rating and positive review from past students
5-star rating and positive review from past students
5-star rating and positive review from past students


SG Chemistry | Ex-MOE Chemistry Specialists | O level and A level Chemistry
SG Chemistry | Ex-MOE Chemistry Specialists | O level and A level Chemistry
SG Chemistry | Ex-MOE Chemistry Specialists | O level and A level Chemistry
SG Chemistry | Ex-MOE Chemistry Specialists | O level and A level Chemistry
SG Chemistry | Ex-MOE Chemistry Specialists | O level and A level Chemistry
SG Chemistry | Ex-MOE Chemistry Specialists | O level and A level Chemistry


Purpose Driven, Passionate Delivery.

Get our specially crafted Math worksheets and top-notch guidance by joining our Sec / JC classes!

Top-notch guidance by our specialists

Do you need help with Physics & Chemistry too?

Check out our award-winning programmes! 

(O Level / IP / A Level)



help & guidance

Our tutors possess high qualifications and outstanding achievements in the education industry. They will be able to help you tackle complex Math questions efficiently by simplifying difficult concepts and ideas for you.

Mathematics can be easy and fun.

Join us and overcome your anxiety for your upcoming examination.

High quality

study materials

All notes and worksheets will be curated and updated in accordance with the latest school curriculum.


Our notes will be presented via creative methods, such as graphics, mind maps and abbreviations that enable students to connect visual and symbolic representations of numbers, which deepens your learning.

Engaging & conducive

You will find affable and approachable tutors from our classes. Their admirable qualities allow them to build better rapport with their own students, subsequently ensuring each of them gets maximum value in the journey of academic success. 

Safe questioning and interactive teaching is promoted under a safe and conducive learning environment, in order to induce enthusiasm that helps to clarify students' doubts and discover new knowledge. 

reasonable fees

A quality education should weigh more.


Our reasonably priced Mathematics  lessons will be conducted by experienced tutors and you'll get more than what you paid for by joining the programme. 


or reach us via live chat

8135 6556 (WhatsApp / SMS / Call)

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